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Attractive durable protection 

Garage & Outdoor Floor Coatings

Kustom Epoxy Floors’ coatings are an attractive and durable way to protect your garage floor or add a unique look to any floor of your home or business. 

For existing homes, our process starts by inspecting and assessing your existing concrete floor. From there, we are able to help determine what prep method is best for your project and recommend the best epoxy flooring to fit your needs. Likewise, for new construction we request the plans and discuss the look you desire. Kustom Epoxy Floors’ coatings provide a slip resistant and durable floor for your home or business.

Indoor Floor Coatings

If indoors, we use a low VOC (chemical compound) that helps control the odor while working in your home. For garage floors we use a special topcoat, called “Wearcoat,” that will not leave tire marks or have hot tire pick-up.

Our epoxy topcoat is like a concrete sealer that offers a high chemical resistance to fuels and oils. For over 40 years, our floor coatings are proven to be superior in performance and durability for the residential market.


Epoxy flooring can be installed in many residential and commercial areas such as garage floors, basements, warehouses, shop floors, and more.

Kustom Epoxy Floors uses the complete line of floor products including solvent-based primers, moisture tolerant primers, basecoats, vinyl chips and top coats. Once installed by Kustom Epoxy Floors, our products will provide you with trouble-free maintenance for many years to come at an affordable price.

Come to our showroom to see our many epoxy floor coatings and color choices to match any look throughout your home or business. While the epoxy flake system is the most common for a garage, we have many systems available for the area you are looking to coat.


Our Crew

The Kustom Epoxy Floors crew is experienced, hardworking and ready to transform your floors.

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